Our digi-print designs and custom patterns will give your performance ensemble a cost effective way to customize your show from year to year. The fabrics and printing process that are used create a vivid, rich, and eye catching color saturation that is hard to ignore in the performance arena. When experiencing our custom design process, we will work together to get the best result that fits your overall design and budget. Our custom uniforms are the same price as the catalog patterns, the difference is that we charge a one time design fee for custom services. This fee is what gives you access to an artist that will create something special for your custom show. Uniforms will ship 6 weeks after design approval and deposit.

Custom Uniform Options

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How To Measure

Take note of each of your performers measurements using the points below. WE RECOMMEND CONSIDERING THE LARGEST MEASUREMENT WHEN DETERMINING A SIZE. ALTERATIONS CAN BE MADE, BUT FABRIC CANNOT BE ADDED. Refer to the Sizing Charts in the next tab to determine sizes. Download the appropriate order form on the last tab to input sizes.

Points of Measurement

  • Chest - Measure around the body at the fullest part of the chest, under the arms, and with the arms down and relaxed
  • Waist - Measure around the waist at the narrowest point (usually just below the belly button).
  • Hips - Measure around the hips at the widest point.
  • Girth - Measure from edge of the left shoulder, down the front of the body, through the legs, up the back of the body, and to the edge of the right shoulder. (Used for female unitards and guard uniforms only).
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