This is a new service we are offering!

Our vision is to help you get everything that's needed from one source. This helps to minimize the time directors spend communicating with several vendors and filling out paperwork, while maximizing the integration of products and design. One vendor. One payment. We are excited for the opportunity to add more service and knowledge to our customers! 

We have partnered with Forks Drum Closet to give our clients more access to everything under one roof. Our knowledgeable audio engineers will help you navigate through important sound system purchases for your performance ensemble. We will offer customer care packages to help with the design and system engineering, along with on site set up. As the band world continues to understand the needs of electronic integration, we understand the need to make it less scary. Contact us at Live Audio to talk to a rep today! 

We can offer:

Percussion instruments and accessories from top brands! 

Audio gear and accessories, including mixers, speakers, cables, microphones, speakers, electronic processing, and power supplies! 


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Audio Gear

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